About us

A small family-owned company was established more than 2 decades ago in Cista Provo, a small town in the western part of the Region of Imotski, which in its beginnings dealt with the sale of used formwork.

˝With hard work, primarily by my father, and later by my brother and me, the company gradually grew, and the sale of used formwork itself no longer satisfied our interests. We came up with the idea of producing and servicing formwork ourselves in order to make a bigger step forward in our business. 

Our production is located along the Sinj-Imotski state road, 57 km from Split and 27 km from Imotski. With its size and modern equipment, it discovers numerous possibilities of this region, which has been economically unused so far.

Today, we produce our own aluminium and steel formwork, which we place on the Croatian and international markets. We also offer various types of props and beams, as well as other construction equipment. We have satisfied customers all over the world who keep coming back to us.

I am proud of the fact that I have managed to transfer my many years of working experience gained in Germany to the organization of our company's work, so our production is done according to German standards. I proved to myself, and to others, how a high-quality and competitive business can thrive even in the harsh Dalmatian countryside.

I’m unstoppable by nature and I have many more plans to achieve. ˝

Tomislav Šitum, CEO

Our mission

To continue to follow world trends and develop new products in accordance with them.

To offer to our customers only the values they expect: a high-quality, modernly equipped and economically standardized product.

Our vision

To remain the leading company in Croatia and the region in the development, production and distribution of excellent formwork of proven quality with the standard of excellence.

To become a reference name in the production of formwork system.s in the EU

Our values

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Knowledge-based work
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Constant improvement
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Monitoring trends
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Company’s historyMilestones

Quality guaranteeCertificates

1. Certification of the facility for the suitability of performing welding works

2. Certificate for HRN EN ISO 9001:2015 management system
HRN EN ISO 9001:2015

3. Systems management policy