Formwork systems

Formwork systemsDokMax steel formwork

DokMax formwork is suitable for different lengths and heights of walls, ceilings, beams and columns.

Steel profiles ensure high load capacity, increased resistance to deformation, geometric precision and panel durability when working in the most difficult conditions. DokMax formwork is used for larger and more complex construction projects.

Hot-dip galvanizing of formwork elements provides additional resistance to corrosion and ensures easier cleaning after use.

Formwork systemsDokMax aluminium formwork

DokMax ALU formwork is up to three times lighter than steel formwork. Such a light construction enables easy transport from one constructions site to another. 

One of the most important properties of DokMax ALU formwork is corrosion resistance. Powder coating ensures easier cleaning after use. These qualities reduce the costs of maintenance, transport and installation of the formwork.

DokMax ALU formwork is an ideal solution for smaller buildings that have hard-to-reach places for cranes and other machines, and given that they can withstand up to 60 kN/m2, they can be used on any large buildings as well.

Formwork systemsDokMax ECO formwork

A tried-and-tested transportable formwork system for foundations, walls and columns.

The DokMaxEco extra-light formwork system is a complete system that includes the associated parts and enables the perfect quality of making concrete structures without the use of a crane. Sufficient load capacity and long service life of the DokMaxEco system make it an economical and cost-effective solution.

Possibilities of using the DokMaxEco system:
• walls formation
• columns formation
• foundation formation

Ceiling systemsŠitumDeck ALU

Aluminium ceiling system for a simple and adaptable installation structure. Aluminium elements are light and allow easier handling.

Ceiling systemsDokTec Classic

In addition to our own production, we are authorised representatives of Austrian company Mayr-Melnhof Holz for Kaufmann 21 and 27 mm yellow boards and Kaufmann H2O beams (suspenders), which are currently the best products on the market and are a guarantee of multiple use on construction sites.

Formwork panel K1 is a proven and constantly improved wooden formwork product for concrete construction, which is used wherever quality, durability and variable application is required. K1 is glued in three layers in thicknesses of 21 mm and 27 mm and is cut into smaller standard formats. A closed, laminated cover and middle layer without edge bands and predominantly vertical growth rings is the basis for the K1’s typical concrete finish.
Kaufmann H2O beam is an international brand for concrete formwork beams that withstand many cycles of use in construction. High-quality raw materials, technically perfect processing and the proven plastic cap system give formwork their long service life. The webs, made of thoroughly glued massive wooden panels, guarantee a high load-bearing capacity in all climates. The flanges are mechanically sorted and finger-jointed cross-sections of solid wood that are permanently connected to the web using finger-jointed joints.