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We have been producing DokMax steel and aluminium formwork for more than 10 years.

The formwork is entirely a Croatian product - all components are produced in our production facility in Cista Provo, which is equipped with the most modern industrial machines.

The production of DokMax Formwork is a highly controlled process that results in higher quality and mutually compatible products. The work of our hard-working employees and the assembly of formwork in our plants are supervised daily by highly qualified engineers. By following modern trends and the construction equipment market, we strive to adapt our products to the requirements and needs of a construction site while maintaining the highest standard and quality.

DokMax formwork

  • 100% own production
  • modular constructions
  • possibility of combining DokMax steel formwork with DokMax ALU formwork

Formwork systems

DokMax steel formwork
Steel profiles of DokMax steel formwork ensure high load capacity, increased resistance to deformations, geometric accuracy and panel durability when working in the most difficult conditions. They are used for larger and more complex construction projects.
DokMax aluminium formwork
DokMax ALU formwork is up to three times lighter than steel formwork, which enables easy transport from one construction site to another. They are an ideal solution for smaller construction sites that have hard-to-reach places for cranes and other machines.

In 2020, we built a new production facility with a robotic plant with the aim of higher quality, faster and more modern production of DokMax Formwork. We have completed TUV - Certification of welders, welding procedures and robotics. Other documentation on the quality of our products is being prepared for the initiation of the process of obtaining the Croatian Quality and Croatian Creation marks.

Formwork can be considered the foundation of the future civil engineering. That is why it is important to select your formwork responsibly and competently.

We believe that our work has been recognized due to numerous domestic and international references. In addition to the presence of DokMax Formwork on the Croatian market, we also export formwork abroad - from Bosnia and Herzegovina through Switzerland to the Ivory Coast.